About WooWood

Where someone finds somebody!

  • WooWood is 100% free! It allows registered members to talk to other potential partners without requiring paid membership
  • With location validation while user creates an account at the first place, it has reduced spam and filter more real users
  • WooWood also provides the features for users to set privacy so that potential partners or a date can be further filters by the users
  • The privacy setting is permitted the registered users to target a specific region (countries), religion believe, ethnicity, gender look for, gender identity, marital status, and education status
  • The registered member can make his or her profile public when no privacy setting is defined
  • As WooWood evolved, we will add more features to accommodate the need and requirement for the current members as well the future members
  • Register now and it is free! . Click here for video on how to create your profile and online dating scam prevention.
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