The term of agreement and policy provide information so that you as a user understand when you use our website services or interact with our websites. You use this website “woowood.com” and you have read and understand to all the terms and policies in this website. You consent to receive this agreement electronically. You understand that you must abide by all terms and agreements in order to become and remain the authorized user of this website and the website services. We “woowood.com” have the right to modify the agreement and policy at any time, and this modification will become effective and will apply to the old and new users at this website. You have to aware and have the obligation to review and understand those changes.


Everyone who use this website must be at least 18 year old or older, you have not been convicted with any felony and are not registered as a sex offender with any government authorizes. You must have a manner that you comply with the law and regulations, and you must not intend to harm or hurt anyone by any means.

Right to Use:

  • You have the right to use the website and its services that subject to any limitation, condition, restriction that established by WooWood.com.
  • We may change, discontinue, suspend any part of the services at any time whether with or without notice or whatsoever.
  • You have the right to provide or update your information, set privacy, and share your information with other users that comply with our terms of agreement.

User information:

  • Monitor Information: We use third party companies to provide ad to our website contents. These companies may use your information on our website to provide the advertisement related and interested to you.
  • User personal and share information: You are fully responsible of the profile, public posting, and all other contents that you may upload or share to the service.
  • Removal of information: We are reserved the right to monitor but we are not obligated to remove, delete, or edit profiles, public posting, contents and other materials that violation of the code of conduct.
  • Responsible of Content: We are not responsible for any of the contents namely profile, public posting and messages, or materials.


  • You should not share your password and login information with other people.
  • For your own security, you are advice to logout after you have used the website this is no exception for personal or public computer or devices.
  • When login to our website uses public computer or devices, you must use caution to prevent other people to gain access to your account.
  • When you notice your account has been used by other people without your authorization, please notified us so that we will be able to assist you.

Safety of membership interaction:

You as the user must very caution when you interact directly or indirectly with other members from the website at any physical or virtual location. To meet other members, you must very caution and should only meet in the public place and safe place.

Services and Features:

Our services include free features and pay membership. We have the right to modify, remove, suspend, and block those features with or without notice.

Third Parties and External Links:

All of the other Internet link to the external resources contain in this website may not reliable or always available. You are acknowledge that we are not responsible for the external link or resources, and you have to understand the terms of agreement that may associated with those external internet link. And, we are not responsible to evaluate and verify any external links. You are agree other Internet link to other resources may associate with inappropriate content that may harmful, unwanted, misrepresent, or malicious that could cause harm to you or use your computer or device by any means. This mean we will not responsible rick that associated to those external contents. You fully understand the risk associated with the external resources and the risk and you agree to comply with caution.

Recognize User and Cookie:

We use cookie and other web technologies to track user activities and to recognize user for future visit. Cookie uses to facilitate the user activities with our website but users can have the option to decline the cookie if their browser is permitted. However, by doing so may affect the user experience with our website and fully utilize the website services.

User information and matching:

You register and provide information to facilitate the matching process and by providing the information about yourself or related matching information, it may assist us to help you match with other members. We use your personal information to performance matching process, display information to you or display your information to public or other members. We also use your information to provide summary, make prediction, analyzing the behavior to make improve to our services and features to better serve you.

Personal information and photos:

Your personal information is the information that provided by you and related to you. You are required to provide your personal photos for the process of matching and all other purposes.

Match list:

We may use your personal information and your activities on the website to provide a list of random users that may meet you’re matching criterial to speed up your matching process. We may send you a list of users that may match your profiles.

Receive Alert Email:

You may receive alert email based on your matching profile, your current activities on the website or any changes with our website services.