Safety in General

Here is our strongly suggest for your safety and the safety of others

  • Meet in the safe and public place where you or other can be your assistant when needed
  • Inform your family or close friends, in the event you want to hang out and meet someone
  • Act smart and be smart in your surrounding area and make sure you always meet someone in the safe place

Public or safe place

Place like a restaurant, coffee shop, library, bookstore or grocery stores is the idea place for you to meet

Make sure you following the follow step:

  • Where there are many people and it is safe
  • Where someone can assisted you if something is happening
  • Go with a close friend or family members if possible

Report Safety concern to the police or authority

If you have discovered something is not right, you can report the information to the police or authority

  • In the event that you feel not safe, please make sure you report to the authority